At Purposeful Nomad, we curate unique, immersive travel experiences around the world designed to empower both the traveler and the places we visit.

Purposeful Nomad was created to inspire, challenge and bring together women from around the globe.

We believe women can and will positively change this world if given the opportunity to safely and securely travel, to share ideas and to learn with one another.

The vision for Purposeful Nomad was born from the many personal journeys of our founder, Caitlin Murray. 

They saw a need for high quality, in-depth programs that went beyond the tourist facade, and dove deep into communities and secret corners of the world. They wanted to build travel for women focused on active, ethical exchanges and adventurous experiences. 

We have a sharp eye for details, and every journey is painstakingly planned. We personally meet with local community leaders, establish long-lasting relationships and design magical, authentic and adventurous trips. Every trip is built with integrity, and we partner with and listen to local communities to ensure that our travel experiences are respectful toward each destination visited.

We also love offering a diversity of experiences on any given journey – adventure, relaxation and community engagement are worked into each of our itineraries.

Our original trips are an amazing and uncommon blend of true adventure, deep self-care and socially responsible service. There is also skill-building and skill-sharing, customizable itineraries, togetherness and solo-time. We know this approach to travel is something special. 

We wanted to create a platform for women to truly engage, and out-do themselves beyond the typical travel industry tour. We're creating a community-driven, travel revolution. We hope you'll join us!

With gratitude,

The Purposeful Nomad team