Our Travel Process

 Amazing journeys are those that combine the best in adventure, renewal, and mutual exchange with local communities. Our programs are built from years spent traveling the road-less-traveled, establishing trusted partnerships with organizations and artisans invested in their local communities. We also love getting out on the trail, and enjoying simple but luxurious relaxation afterwards. Our trips are a rare synthesis of individual enjoyment, adventure, skill-building, community connection and indulgent forms of self-care.


true adventure

⬝ Horseback the highlands  ⬝ Work on a chocolate farm  ⬝ Cook with a local chef  ⬝ Hike Volcanoes  ⬝  Peak out at 14,000 feet  ⬝  Paddleboard through mangroves  ⬝ Choose your own! - surf, mountain bike, kiteboard, kayak, or learn a new skill …

community engagement

⬝ Meet leaders in sustainable tourism  ⬝ Lend a hand with community projects  ⬝ Help your host family harvest, feed animals, or cook ⬝ Engage with women working to restore native alpaca customs  ⬝ Learn to tap agave from women farmers  ⬝ Work with children at a local Montessori school

soul renewal

⬝ Relax & Recharge amidst breathtaking landscapes  ⬝ Wander streets pulsing with local art and music  ⬝ Enjoy a luxurious spa day  ⬝ Stretch into yoga class ⬝ Sunbathe ⬝ Share stories with an intimate group of adventurous, compassionate women.

Find Your Balance

We recognize that we each carry unique passions and needs with us in our travelbag. That’s why Purposeful Nomad encourages participants to find their own groove. Within the core itinerary, customizable tiers of adventure, community engagement, and soul-renewal are something we pride ourselves on.