Paqocha Ecuador

Meet Felipe Segovia and Lorena Perez. They founded Paqocha in 2006 to bring together their love for the land of central Ecuador with their indigenous, Quechua roots. Paqocha (Quechua for Alpaca), was one of the first initiatives in Ecuador to restore alpacas to the region. They’ve taught and inspired local women the traditional art of spinning by hand, weaving, and naturally-dyeing the fleece, and in doing so have revived a sustainable livelihood for communities that have struggled for generations economically.

Only healthy humane practices of care are passed on through Felipe, who is deeply devoted to these animals. Top breeds are bought in Peru, with much importance placed on genetics and fiber quality, resulting in the Chimborazo region producing some of the best quality fleece in Ecuador. Felipe and Lorena purchase the spun fleece from the local women, and make beautiful, handmade products sold in Quito and beyond.


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