Mashpi Artisanal Chocolate

Meet Alejandro and Agostina, owners of Mashpi Chocolate Farm. They’ve committed their lives to rebuilding their land, an agroforestry reserve high in the Ecuadorian cloud forest. Once depleted of its minerals and wildlife by poor farming practices, Alejandro and Agostina are deeply committed to restoring biodiversity to the soil, nurturing plant and animal life, and protecting the land from industrial farming. In just five years, their preservation work has restored over a hundred birds to the canopy from a mere fifty.

They lovingly steward each step of organic chocolate production on site, applying the highest tenements of permaculture to the finest quality Arriba Cocoa. This wee farm with tremendous heart and superior environmental ethics has won first place for two chocolate bars in the International Chocolate Awards (2016). But above all, Alejandro and Agostina are remarkable mentors in what it is to live with the Earth. They do much more than make chocolate to sweeten the world!

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