Our story begins with connection – friends striving to make a positive impact through travel. Today, our immersive travel experiences bring curious minds together to make an even bigger impact.

At Purposeful Nomad, we fill the need for high-quality, in-depth programs that push beyond the tourist facade – an authentic experience that not only gives travelers an adventure of a lifetime, but also provides an opportunity to explore in a way that empowers local communities.

Our vision was born from the many personal journeys of our founder, Caitlin Murray, and the friends she made along the way. From her experience running a eco-hotel in Portland, Oregon to teaching English in Chile to becoming a tour guide in the Dominican Republic and living abroad, her passion for integrating community connections has taught her more about the world than anything else. Purposeful Nomad exists to share those lessons.

Our founder has personally met with local community leaders to establish long-lasting relationships. This allows us to create bespoke itineraries that ensure every trip is built with integrity and focused on ethical exchanges. Imagine discovering the history of Xenocoj, Guatemala through centuries-old weaving techniques from the women who are keeping the tradition alive; connecting with the women fighting to hold their place in modern India and hear their candid stories of life in an outdated caste system; and slowing down to align with nature through yoga and meditation that rejuvenates the soul on Orcas Island. 

Our curated experiences are for travelers to truly engage and immerse in each destination beyond the typical travel industry tour. We're creating community-driven, itineraries with purpose. We believe anyone can and will positively change this world if given the opportunity to share ideas and to learn with one another. Join us for the trip of a lifetime!