An Exclusive Journey through the heart of Rajasthan, India

During this 15 day voyage you will see Rajasthan’s famous sites, experience local markets, stay at boutique heritage hotels and taste incredible food. India is the 7th largest country in the world with over 1.2 billion people and 22 languages spoken! Our program in India is focused in the northwestern region of Rajasthan- which means “Land of the Kings” in Hindi. This area is brimming with abundant color, vibrant festivals, magnificent monuments and glorious castles.

You will discover a more candid and intimate side of India and hear the stories of women from villagers to city dwellers. We focus our attention on the daily lives of women and the ancient and complex history of this colorful, exotic and magical region of India. 

We've partnered with Sambhali Trust, a foundation that empowers and educates more than 1000 women in Jodhpur, India. Govind Rathore, the foundation’s director will be our exclusive local tour leader providing us rare insight into this rich and ancient culture, their complex and outdated caste system and women’s rights in India.  Our out of the box itinerary, insightful guides and personal service will leave you captivated, impassioned and filled with deep knowledge of this ancient land and it's colorful people. There is certainly no quick way to summarize this mystical country so full of culture, art, religion, food and history. The non-stop energy can be felt from every direction.  India is truly a place of incredible wonder, beautiful people, striking contradiction, and creative peak experiences. 


Stay at Govind's ancestral village in the Thar desert. Camel trek, learn to cook by the fire and dance with the gypsies. 

Pampered yourself at the spa at a beautiful heritage hotel and enjoy walks among the peacocks. 

Learn to sew or block print while engaging with the women of Sambhali Trust. Find inspiration in their soulful stories.

Why this trip is unique: 

  • This itinerary was created for women by women. Every detail was selected to create an inspiring, meaningful, adventurous and real experience of India.

  • This is not a cookie cutter tour. This is a purposeful out of the box experience tailored for all ages.

  • We have two trusted country guides, a safe driver and van with us at all times. Our guides, founder of Sambhali Trust, Govind Rathore and expert tour leader Virendra Singh Chouhan's enthusiasm for their country and knowledge of women's rights are unparalleled. Their masterful sense of service leaves you feeling taking care of.

  • Co-founder of Purposeful Nomad, Jessica Scranton will also be there for you! Creating an inclusive, safe, dynamic and expertly coordinated experience. Co-leading this trip will be photographer Julia Cumes brings her expertise in cameras and overall amazing attitude!

  • Our trips are small in size, creating a more intimate experience and allows access to places untouched by tourism and wiggle room for spontaneous moments keeping the itinerary fresh and fun!

  • We stay at boutique and gorgeous heritage hotels with excellent comfort, service and style.

  • We partner with Sambhali Trust and visit our tour leader’s ancestral village. These experiences are off the beaten path and give a rare insights into the complex cultural system. There is time for interactions with locals and women, including cooking dinner over the fire, learning to gypsy dance and block print. Click here to view itinerary.