Food, Farm, Fleece Overview

June 14th-27th, 2018

Cooking, chocolate, alpacas, High Moutain Adventure & Sustainable tourism in Ecuador.

Go deep into Ecuadorian history and life on this 14 day journey through the Northern and Andean regions. Explore rich cultural traditions, local home life, remote mountains and dense jungles. It's an adventure like no other! View the full itinerary here. 

Trip Cost: $3800


Hike the Crater of Lake Cuicocha, horseback ride through the highlands or tube down a river in the Cloud Forest.
Soak in a luxurious spa above the clouds in the glorious town of Banos.
Experience living in community on a home-stay in the mountains of Otavalo and learn the bean-to-bar process of chocolate farming in the jungles of Mindo.




June 14th-27th 2018