Cuba FAQ

What requirements do I need to travel to Cuba?

Visas, tourist card and letter will all be provided and we will be traveling in compliance with the "people to people" requirements. Our itineraries satisfy all the requirements set forth by the USA to travel to Cuba. 

How do I get my visa?

Visas are included in the cost and will be handled by our affiliate agency Cuba Cultural Travel. You must have a passport valid for a minimum of 6 months. 

Is it safe for women to travel Cuba?

Yes! Cuban people are generally very welcoming and accommodating. The government welcomes tourism and has gone to great lengths to ensure safety of foreign visitors. In fact, tourism is now a vital part of the growing economy. We will be with group almost all of the time in addition to having a local guide, driver and private van. Like most countries in Latin America it is not uncommon for men to cat call or whistle. Generally this is pretty harmless and best to ignore. 

Do you have a payment plan for this trip?

Yes!  After paying the deposit for the trip, you can chose to pay the remaining balance in 3-5 installments up until 90 days of departure. 

Where should I fly into? 

Please fly into Havana (HAV) and out of Abel Santamaria Airport in Santa Clara (SNU)

What type of clothes should I pack?

A more concise packing list will be sent along in your trip packet. Bring layers. It can be hot during the day and cool and windy at night. Comfortable yoga and workout clothes, stuff for the beach and swimming, informal wear for the daytime and a rain jacket of course.

Do I need international travel insurance?

Yes. International travel insurance is required. Information will be sent to you in your welcome packet about the best companies and how to sign up.

What is the weather like in Cuba?

The weather in Cuba is sub-tropical which means warmer days and nights cooled by the winds from the ocean. Cuba gets lots of sunshine and a year-round average temperature of 78 degrees!

Will the group be together the whole time?

Groups travel together at all times in a private van with driver and guide.  There are specific days where you are allowed to wander into town or just hang out. 

What is not included in the overall cost?

Not included is international airfare, travel insurance, tips, alcohol, extra snacks and food outside the noted meals per day, personal expenses and any additional activities. 

What extra money do I need? Can I use US Dollars?

Cuba has 2 currencies: the Peso Convertible, CUC and the Peso Cubano. The CUC is the currency used by most tourists. We recommend bringing USD cash to exchange at official exchange houses as some ATM's will not except US cards. Most everything is included in the trip cost but you should budget for anything extra like souvenirs, tips and alcohol. 

Do I need vaccinations?

Typically people do not get vaccinations to go Cuba. Be an informed traveler, ultimately it is up to you to consult a physician and make sure you are up-to-date on your vaccinations. We are here to help but can not legally provide medical advice. Here are some great websites:

Can I drink the water?

No. It is not recommended to drink tap water. We will have big jugs of filtered water. Having said that, please bring a reusable water bottle as most hotels and tourist destinations offer refilling stations.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

It is certainly not a requirement but always fun to try! Every group has a bilingual guide so there is nothing to worry about.

Is there internet?

There is no free wifi in Cuba. Access is limited and restricted. There are however wifi hotspots that you can connect to throughout most cities. You can connect when you buy a prepaid internet card