We provide transformative, hands-on travel programs for women who seek deeper cultural understanding and a desire for adventure.

Are you transitioning from one stage of life to another? Are you an empty nester with new found freedom? Have you recently completed school and are looking for something different before starting your career?  

Are you a veteran traveler looking for something more authentic?

Do you want to ignite new passions and gain deeper understanding of the world? WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

We believe in original, local, adventurous and meaningful experiences that are truly unique and built with care. Caitlin and Jessica (founders of PN) design programs by personally traveling to countries looking for experiences that inspire them.

Why did Sara decide to Travel with PN?

"Having found myself in a transitional stage of life and searching for unique ways to honor my new sense of freedom, Purposeful Nomad came into my reality at just the right time. PN not only fulfills my desire to immerse myself hand's on into Ecuador's culture, food, and people, but also affords me the chance to do it with like-minded WOMEN. The itinerary is diverse, active, and varied.  It bridges the gap between cultures providing an opportunity to share and experience each other authentically.
-Sara Carter


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